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Users of the iPhone must have the proper firmware supported on their phone in order to begin the jailbreak process. There are different versions of the iPhone and each one has a different technical system. The iOS for the iPhone 4s os different than that of the iPhone 4 and 5. There are different solutions to the technical problems that each may encounter. When you purchase your iPhone be sure you know which firmware is supported. If you are a Verizon or T-Mobile customer, you cannot call the carrier and ask them information about jailbreaks.

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Remember the fact that safe jailbreak iPhone 4S software is possible only through reliable tools as these tools allow you to revert to original settings of the phone should there be a misadventure during the unlock process, also known as “bricking”. This also means that you must choose the software with utmost care. Free tools are hard to authenticate and their websites own no responsibility if you make a mistake in following their commands. Thus you must give up on your desire to unlocking iPhone 4S through free tools and look for a safe and reliable paid tool for the purpose.

Ordinarily when you unlock your phone in-house, the provider may come to know about this. It may be possible for them to inquire through the cell service control signal. Moreover since most of the transactions are pre-committed with a contract of one or two years with service providers, unlocking the phone yourself will not be much help since you will be continuing to use that provider’s service in your phone and you cannot change service provider without following a cumbersome process. Your only gain in such a contractual service is free minutes you get and locking or unlocking by yourself does not make much difference.

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