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enrique_de_argaezHi there! This is the new blog for All About Market Research.
I am Enrique De Argaez, the editor and webmaster of this website. Some of you might already know me from my other website, the Internet World Stats. It is a well known website featuring worldwide Internet usage data.  Internet Market Research is, of course, the necessary complement to Internet Statistics and online publishing.

This is the new blog for All About Market Research. In the first years of the Internet, traditional marketing theory and practice was applied and used by everybody in Internet. This was the logical approach because traditional marketing was what we all knew and had studied before the Internet era. The starting point for e-commerce and online sales was the theory of Traditional Marketing, most of it based on the famous text-book Marketing Management, by professor Philip Kotler.

Here is a short video presentation about Internet Marketing Tips by Dr. Philip Kotler himself, that we are sure you will enjoy:

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