Top Level Marketing Research Articles

Since my college years I have known about the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and consider it a great company in the market and marketing research fields. All their work is top level and BCG is considered one of the world’s leading advisors on business strategy. BCG’s most influential ideas about business strategy include the experience curve, the portfolio concept, time-based competition, and segment-of-one marketing.

What a Difference a Word Makes

Inbound Marketing is a word that has become quite promoted since 2007, mainly by a company called HubSpot. But the more we study Inbound Marketing, the more it becomes evident that it is only a well promoted and clever commercial use of Content Marketing.

However, digging deeper into the situarion, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing are both special cases of Digital Marketing. Researching all three terms with the help of Google Trends, the situation is as follows:

In the Digital Marketing world, the growing popularity of Content Marketing over Inbound Marketing is evident. For more details, please click on the Google Trends link, under the graph.