Search for Similar Websites

Sometimes you need to find similar websites to the one you are researching. There is a free tool for doing this, in a fast and easy way. It is called, and here are the two search possibilities it offers:
A – Search by the URL:
Simply type in the name of a website in the search-box and hit enter. You will see up to 25 results showing similar websites.

B – Search by Topic (or Keyword):
Type in the Keyword or topic of your choice into the search-box and hit enter. This will show you a list of up to 10 results, showing the most relevant websites contained in the search engineĀ“s database.

SEO Tips

You probably get many offers for SEO services in your mail-box. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is a very important topic in Internet marketing. The first thing you should do is go and evaluate their website. What is the page rank? Do you like their website? Search for reviews about the company. The next thing is to check and find some information on SEO. You can start by looking at this video by Matt Cutts and then visiting the SEO page: