Social Signals and Market Research

Internet market research has evolved and changed, separating itself from the traditional market research practiced in the off-line world. This is a very logical response to the current changes social networking has caused in society.

Social Signals are the human element in search. They consist of things like Facebook likes, Facebook shares, tweets, re-tweets and pins.

The age of Social Networking may seem like the first time we are encountering social signals, but this is not the case. Word-of-Mouth, the office water-cooler chat, and the town-crier were the beginning of social signals. The Internet and its current developments has caused a big revolution in everybody’s lives. Watch the following video by Lee Rainie of the Pew Research Center:

Social Media Reviews

Social Media is becoming more popular all the time. Every day a new Social Web Platform shows up. It’s not just FacebookTwitter and linkedIN any more, now there are over 400 networking programs that you can join. We will start reviewing them at the AAMR (All About Market Research dot com) Library. You will find information, definitions, tips and news about the Social Media.