Facelift for All About Market Research

A facelift is a surgical procedure for the removal of wrinkles, it is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure used to give a more youthful facial appearance. It is also the revival of a product through cosmetic means, to give it new life in the market. Well, our website is over 11 years old and requires multiple surgical techniques to get it in shape again.

This procedure will be done step by step and page by page, Today we will start with three actions:
(1) Changing the background color to red, more lively and colorful.
(2) Adding a viewport to the HTML code, this is the first step in the responsive web design transformation we plan for the website This is necessary for smartphones and tablets.
(3) Validating the content, updating the links and improving the layout.

Take a look and let us know how we are doing, your feedback is always welcomed.

Be Creative in Market Research

Creativity is the quality or state of being creative, according to the dictionaries. In other words, it means the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, and so forth, in order to create meaningful new ideas, new forms, new methods, new interpretations, making use of your originality, your progressiveness, and your imagination.

The following short video by To-Fu at Vimeo  shows 29 ways to stay creative. Creativity helps a lot in marketing research.